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Your Options for Parking Control Systems

Using parking equipment is vital to managing parking lots in a more efficient manner. The use of parking control systems enables people to manage parking lots much faster, more profitable, and easier. In this modern day and age, you will never run out of parking equipment to choose from for this purpose. There are many benefits to choosing quality parking control systems. Parking technology of today has become so sophisticated that it not only helps parking lot owners but also helps vehicle owners too. Parking equipment allows for a smooth parking process.

As a parking lot owner, you need to know what are your options of parking equipment. Besides knowing your choices, you need to know which one best suits your needs. You can only ascertain which ones will suit your needs best if you identify your parking lot management needs first. You then look into your choices of parking equipment after learning your needs. You can click for more information about your current parking equipment options.

Barrier gates: One of the most common parking access control systems that you see is this one. When it comes to barrier gates, you often find them at exits and entries, and are usually automated. Generally, you find them in toll booths where the gates will only open after collecting the toll. For majority of the time, the arms of barrier gates are between 3 and 4 meters, yet you can go as long as 6 meters if you go to parking equipment manufacturers that can offer you this option. In installing this type of parking control system, the process is very easy. There is no need for special tools for the installation. Even so, you have to take some time to find a parking equipment manufacturer that can give you barrier gates with easy installation features and increased functionality like auto reverse and direct drive motor.

Pay and display: This is the perfect parking technology for parking lots that have an unattended type of parking management. This self-service parking technology allows vehicle owners to operate the system on their own. One of the best things about using this parking equipment is that you don’t need to hire an employee anymore to look over these operations. This system accepts payments using various modes like bills, coins, debit cards, and credit cards. There is a thermal printer built into this parking system. If you look hard enough, you will find some pay and display systems that offer regular customers passes on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis as they use the parking lot. When it comes to the value for the coins and bills, they come with security locks. The entire parking equipment system offers concealed hinges for the security and safekeeping of the machine. They also offer alarms to detect and stop any unauthorized entry.

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